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A Global Leader in Medical-Grade Activity and Sleep Monitoring Solutions

ActiGraph is a leading provider of wearable physical activity and sleep monitoring solutions for the global scientific community. ActiGraph’s medical-grade accelerometry monitors are the most widely used and extensively validated devices of their kind, and our flexible and robust software technology platform provides the most comprehensive data monitoring, analysis, and management support in the industry.

Academic Research Solutions

ActiGraph's monitoring solutions have been used in thousands of academic and government-funded research projects in more than 85 countries.

Clinical Trials Solutions

We deliver real-world information about patient behaviors to help investigators and sponsors make faster, better-informed clinical decisions based on high quality data.

Home Health Solutions

Our technology ecosystem supports the development of custom remote patient monitoring systems to capture and deliver data in near real time.

Sleep Assessment Solutions

The ActiGraph system deliver continuous, 24-hour sleep/wake data, including a detailed report for each sleep period, with minimal subject burden.



ActiGraph's mission is to provide leading pharmaceutical, research, and healthcare organizations with innovative activity and sleep monitoring hardware, software, and data analytics and management solutions to improve study efficiency, data quality, and patient outcomes.



A pioneer in the field of objective physical activity measurement, ActiGraph’s wearable ambulatory monitoring technology was first developed for applications within the U.S. military. ActiGraph’s early activity monitors were among the first commercially available tools capable of quantifying human movement in the free living environment. This innovative technology was first adopted by members of the academic research community, who conducted extensive validation testing and developed a variety of algorithms to derive meaningful physical activity and sleep outcomes from raw acceleration data. ActiGraph continued to gain popularity within the global scientific community to eventually become the most widely used research-grade activity monitoring system in the world. With clients at more than 1500 academic and scientific institutions in over 85 countries, ActiGraph earned its reputation as the ‘gold standard’ in objective physical activity measurement.

In more recent years, ActiGraph successfully parlayed decades of data capture and management expertise into the innovative CentrePoint platform, an activity monitoring solution developed specifically for use in clinical drug trials. With dozens of trials completed and underway, ActiGraph has witnessed tremendous growth in the pharmaceutical market and continues to pave the way for real-world physical activity and sleep monitoring within the complex, highly regulated drug development industry.

Our Clients

ActiGraph’s broad international client base consists of prominent universities, hospitals and medical centers, scientific institutes, pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, sleep laboratories, wellness providers, and government agencies.

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