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Objectively Measured Physical Activity Correlates With Indices of Insulin Resistance in Danish Children

  • Published on 08/24/2004

Objective To explore the association between measures of insulin resistance with objectively assessed physical activity. Design School-based, cross-sectional study. Subjects A randomly selected sample of 589 children (310 girls, 279 boys, mean (standard deviations, s.d.) age=9.7 (0.44) y, weight=33.6 (6.4) kg, height=1.39 (0.06) m) from Denmark. Methods Fasting blood samples were analysed for serum insulin ...

Objectively Measured Physical Activity in a Representative Sample of 3- to 4-Year-Old Children

  • Added on November 4, 2010

Objective This study aimed to describe levels of physical activity in a representative sample of preschool children and to quantify tracking of activity over 1 year. Research Methods and Procedures Physical activity (mean accelerometry counts/minute) was assessed over 3 days using the Computer Science and Applications accelerometer in 3- to 4-year-old ...

A Multimedia Activity Recall for Children and Adolescents

  • Published on 10/2002

Self-report measures remain the most popular tool for measuring the habitual physical activity of large samples of children The Multimedia Activity Recall for Children and Adolescents (MARCA) is a computer delivered questionnaire which requires children to recall the previous 24-h in 5 min segments The MARCA retains the key features of ...

Physical Activity and Clustered Cardiovascular Risk in Children: A Cross-Sectional Study (The European Youth Heart Study)

  • Published on 2006

Background Atherosclerosis develops from early childhood; physical activity could positively affect this process. This study’s aim was to assess the associations of objectively measured physical activity with clustering of cardiovascular disease risk factors in children and derive guidelines on the basis of this analysis. Methods We did a cross-sectional ...