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Association of Depressive Symptoms, Sedentary Behavior, And Dietary Intake

  • Presented on May 30, 2013

Depression is consistently associated with overweight and obesity. Studies have shown that physical activity can prevent and treat depression. Some evidence also suggests nutritional interventions may reduce depression risk, symptoms and severity. However, less is known about whether depressive symptoms are associated with sedentary behavior and poor dietary intake. Purpose ...

Intensity of Physical Activity Performed During U.S. Army Basic Combat Training

  • Presented on May 30, 2013

Purpose The purpose of this study was to measure and compare physical activity (PA) intensity performed during 10 weeks of U.S. Army Basic Combat Training (BCT) at two training sites (Ft Jackson, SC; Ft Sill, OK). Methods 264 recruits from 11 companies wore an ActiGraph on their waist during waking hours for ...

Development Of Cut-points To Measured Habitual Physical Activity And Sedentary Behavior In A Representative Sample Of Toddlers

  • Presented on May 30, 2013

Background Accelerometers are now the method of choice to objectively assess activity in young children. While numerous cut-points exist for preschoolers, cut points for children aged 1-3 years are limited. Purpose To determine ActiGraph GT1M cut-points for sedentary (SED), light (LPA) and moderate-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) in toddlers. Methods ...

Development and Validation of Sedentary Behavior Record (SBR) Instrument

  • Presented on May 30, 2013

Prior measures of sedentary behavior have not systematically measured sedentary activities in multiple domains and over various routinely performed daily sedentary activities with a user-friendly device. The Sedentary Behavior Record (SBR) was designed to fill the gap in the literature in measuring sedentary behavior. The SBR is an adaptation of ...

Inter-instrument Reliability Of GT3X Accelerometers In A Free-living Condition

  • Presented on May 30, 2013

Accelerometers have the advantage of providing objective measures of both physical activity performed at various intensities and of sedentary time. ActiGraph accelerometers are widely used, however with technological advancements new models are periodically released. The GT3X is the most recent model. Although research has shown previous ActiGraph models to ...

Assessment of Light-Intensity Activities and Sedentary Behaviors Using Multiple Measurement Devices

  • Presented on May 30, 2013

Purpose To examine the accuracy of three measurement devices (ActiGraph GT3x+, ActivPAL, and Sensewear Armband) in assessing sedentary behavior and light-intensity physical activity (PA) against a referent measure of oxygen uptake (Oxycon Mobile). Methods 16 adults (8 males, 8 females) wore the four measurement devices while performing 7 activities (walking at 1.0 mph, 1.5 mph, 2.0 ...