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Assessment of accelerometer non-wear time in children

  • Presented on May 21, 2014

Purpose: Different definitions for determining non-wear time are currently used. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of the definition of ActiGraph and activPAL non-wear time on data retention and the classification of sedentary and sitting time in children. Methods: Accelerometer and inclinometer data were drawn from ...

Impact Of Accelerometer Data Processing Decisions On Data From Large Cohort Studies

  • Presented on May 30, 2014

Background: Accelerometers objectively assess physical activity (PA) and are increasingly used in epidemiologic studies. However, processing techniques are not standardized and limit data comparability across studies. Purpose: To compare the impact of wear-time assessment method and filter choice on accelerometer output in a large cohort. Methods: Participants (7,650 women, mean age 71.4...

Quality Control Methods in Accelerometer Data Processing: Defining Minimum Wear Time

  • Published on June 24, 2013

Background: When using accelerometers to measure physical activity, researchers need to determine whether subjects have worn their device for a sufficient period to be included in analyses. We propose a minimum wear criterion using population-based accelerometer data, and explore the influence of gender and the purposeful inclusion of children with ...