Version 3.10.0 — December 2019

NewAbility to downgrade/upgrade activity monitor firmware to targeted study version

Version 3.9.2 — September 2019

ImprovedPrevented/resolved scenario where CPW01 monitor can upload same data twice upon firmware upgrade

Version 3.9.1 — February 2019

ImprovedImproved sync progress in ActiSync for CPW01 Insight Watch
ImprovedImproved monitor images for CPW01 Insight Watch, GT9X Link, and wGT3X-BT
FixedFixed issues regarding firmware upgrade workflow of CPW01 (Insight Watch)
FixedOther bug fixes/enhancements

Version 3.9.0 — December 2018

NewUpgraded to .NET Framework 4.6.2
FixedMinor bug fixes

Version 3.8.3 — October 2018

FixedFIXED: ActiSync setting invalid property on CPW upon placing monitor in factory-reset

Version 3.8.2 — September 2018

FixedFixed issue where ActiSync can mis-interpret collection-mode of device upon attempting a sync
FixedFix to prevent ActiSync from blocking upload-sync for subjects in study with 'require full-charge' enabled
FixedOther bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.8.1 — August 2018

NewAbility to complete partial monitor assignment created in CP Portal or API (via new assignment workflow)
NewAbility to end partial monitor un-assignment created in CP Portal or API (via new assignment workflow)
NewAbility to perform firmware upgrade for CPW01 activity monitor

Version 3.8.0 — May 2018

NewAdded support for the new CentrePoint Insight Watch actigraphy device
FixedGeneral Bugfixes

Version 3.7.3 — April 2018

FixedFixed issue where ActiSync was unable to upload RAW files that were larger than 64MB.

Version 3.7.2 — April 2018

FixedFixed issue where incomplete RAW uploads were unable to finish if upload-sync started on (or before) ActiSync 3.7.0